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Current Nanomedicine

(Formerly as Recent Patents on Nanomedicine)

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Volume 14 , Issues 3, 2024

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Forthcoming Thematic Issues

Pharmaceutical Applications of Advanced Bio Nanomaterials and Coordination Compounds

Guest Editor(s): Shashanka Rajendrachari, Vinayak Adimule,

October 2022

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Nano Platform for Microorganism

Guest Editor(s): Jitendra Kr

March 2022

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Translational Nanomedicine: From Fundamental Science to Innovations

Guest Editor(s): Luciano Castillo

January 2020

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Smart Nanomaterials as Theranostics Nanomedicines for Healthcare Applications: From Bench to Bed Side

Guest Editor(s): Mahfoozur Rahman

Guest Editor(s): Sarwar Beg

Guest Editor(s): Vikas Kumar

January 2020

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Nanostructured Carriers in Oncology: State of the art Approach and Challenges Ahead

Guest Editor(s): Mahfoozur Rahman

Guest Editor(s): Sarwar Beg

Guest Editor(s): Sohail Akhter

January 2018

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07 01 2017 150373
Nanotechnology: Past, Present and Future Trends

Guest Editor(s): Swarnali Das Paul

May 2016

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Nanopharmaceutics for Patient Care

Guest Editor(s): Yoshiaki Machida

Guest Editor(s): Yoshinori Kato

March 2016

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Lipid-based Nanostructured Drug Delivery Systems

Guest Editor(s): Dr. Abdus Samad

Guest Editor(s): Dr. Sarwar Beg

February 2015

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The Applications of Nanomaterials in Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy

Guest Editor(s): Ning Gao

Guest Editor(s): Jianye Li

May 2014

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Research and Regulation: Challenges of Nanoproducts

Guest Editor(s): Dr. Swarnali Das Paul

December 2014

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