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Current Materials Science

(Formerly as Recent Patents on Materials Science)

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Volume 17 , Issues 4, 2024

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Forthcoming Thematic Issues

Advances and Constraints in Laser and Arc Cladding & Welding Technologies

Guest Editor(s): Mayuri Baruah

Co-Guest Editor(s): Kanwer Singh Arora

March 2024

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Experimental and Computational Studies of Materials Science for Bio-related Applications

Guest Editor(s): Aruna Kalasapurayil Kunhiraman

Co-Guest Editor(s): Sangiliyandi Gurunathan, Ajay Rakkesh R, Sabariswaran Kandasamy

December 2023

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Multifunctional Advanced Materials

Guest Editor(s): Atul Thakur

July 2023

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Advance Biomaterials and Composites

Guest Editor(s): Divya Bajpai Tripathy

Sep 2024

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Mechanical Behaviour of Natural Fibre Composites

Guest Editor(s): S.M. Sapuan, RA Ilyas,

April 2023

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Advance and Sustainable Materials for Industrial Applications

Guest Editor(s): Divya Bajpai Tripathy

September 2023

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Functional Materials for Advance Engineering Applications

Guest Editor(s): Vikas Dubey, S.J. Dhoble

March 2023

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Processing Methods for Developing Advanced Composite Materials

Guest Editor(s): R. Ranjith, J. Paulo Davim, Azuddin Bin Mamat

January 2023

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Developments of Laminated Metal Matrix Composites

Guest Editor(s): Mohammad Heydari Vini, Saeed Daneshmand

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Luminescent Materials for Display, Dosimetry, Forensic and Biomedical Applications

Guest Editor(s): Ratnesh Tiwari

April 2020

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Advances in Battery and Its Applications

Guest Editor(s): Chaolong Zhang

October 2020

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Machining Processes for Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials

Guest Editor(s): Jinyang Xu

June 2021

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Nanoparticles and Carbon Nanotubes in Liquid Crystals: Current Trends and Future Perspectives

Guest Editor(s): Prabir Mukherjee

September 2020

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Multi-way Data Analysis: An Overview

Guest Editor(s): Prem Kumar Singh

October 2020

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Freeze-thaw Damage Mechanism of Construction Materials in Cold Regions

Guest Editor(s): T. Liu

August 2020

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Cutting Edge Technology for Sustainable Materials

Guest Editor(s): Amar Patnaik

November 2020

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Recent Development in Smart Material for Engineering Application

Guest Editor(s): Arindam Biswas

Guest Editor(s): Amit Banerjee

Guest Editor(s): J.N. Roy

March 2020

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Recent Innovations on Composite Materials and Its Applications

Guest Editor(s): Prof R B Durairaj

January 2020

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Thematic Issue for Industry Frontier, Policy & Regulatory Issues, and Recent Patents on Materials and Related Sciences

Guest Editor(s): Dr. Hiroshi Honda

September 2020

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08 02 2015 131240
Recent Patents on Complex Metallic Alloys

Guest Editor(s): Jean-Marie Dubois

January 2015

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07 02 2014 123932
Multiferroic And Magneto-Electric Materials

Guest Editor(s): Swapna S Nair

September 2013

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