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Current Organic Chemistry

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Volume 28 , Issues 20, 2024

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Forthcoming Thematic Issues

COC-SII20230721-01 Biocatalytic Applications in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Guest Editor(s): Fazilat Devrim Ozdemirhan

Co-Guest Editor(s): Dirk Tischler

September 2023
COC-SII20230619-01 Recent Advances on Schiff Base Ligands, their Complexes and Applications

Guest Editor(s): David Morales-Morales

Co-Guest Editor(s): Viviana Reyes-Marquez, Hisila Santacruz-Ortega

September 2023
COC-SII20230602-01 Recent Advances in Supramolecular Chemistry

Guest Editor(s): Suman Adhikari

Co-Guest Editor(s): Kumaresh Ghosh

December 2023
COC-SII20230411-01 Current Synthesis of Sulfur Heterocycles da Rocha David Rodrigues September 2023 COC-SII20230411-01.pdf COC-SII20230309-01 The Broad Scope of Aldehyde and Ketone Chemistry and its Application in Organic Synthesis. da Silva Flavia Martins August 2023 COC-SII20230309-01.pdf COC-SII20230206-02 Electrochemistry: A Versatile Tool for Organic Synthesis Feroci Marta May 2023 COC-SII20230206-02.pdf COC-SII20230206-01 Recent Advances in Smart Polymers Rivera Ernesto July 2023 COC-SII20230206-01.pdf COC-SII20221014-01 Current of Biomass-derived Organic Chemistry Guo Haixin Sep 2023 COC-SII20221014-01.pdf COC-SII20220915-01 Non-conventional Approaches Towards Various Organic Transformations Banerjee Bubun December 2022 COC-SII20220915-01.pdf COC-SII20220606-01 The Preparation and Investigation of Biodegradable and Biocompatible Polymers Jinbao Xu May 2023 COC-SII20220606-01.pdf COC-SII20220408-01 Semiconductor-Based Composite Photo Catalysts for Organic Synthesis Weng Bo September 2022 COC-SII20220408-01.pdf COC-SII20220401-01 Recent Topics in Iodine Reagents and Compounds in Organic Chemistry Dohi Toshifumi May 2022 COC-SII20220401-01.pdf
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