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Recent Patents on Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery

Impact Factor: 2.8

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Volume 19 , Issues 5, 2024

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PRA-SII20230316-01 Targeting TME: Focusing on Drug Delivery System

Guest Editor: Wei-Lin Jin

Co-Guest Editor: Ye-Ying Wang

June 2023
RPACDD-SII20230306-01 Recent Advances in Cancer Therapy by Gene Therapy Approaches and Natural Based-pharmacological Compounds Milad Ashrafizadeh Gautam Sethi Jun Ren May 2023 RPACDD-SII20230306-01.pdf RPACDD-SII20221212-01 Autophagy in Diseases Xianbin Zhang Dec 2022 RPACDD-SII20221212-01.pdf RPACDD-SII20221011-01 Novel Anti-Cancer Drugs in Photoimmunotherapy Management: from Bench to Translational Research Shigao Huang Jun 2022 RPACDD-SII20221011-01.pdf RPACDD-SII20221011-02 Tumor Microenvironment in Haematological Tumours Domenico Ribatti Antonio G. Solimando March 2021 RPACDD-SII20221011-02.pdf RPACDD-SII20221011-03 Progress of Natural Products as Anticancer Agents Zhe-Sheng (Jason) Chen Qi Li Dong-Hua Yang December 2020 RPACDD-SII20221011-03.pdf
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