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Current Cancer Drug Targets

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Volume 24 , Issues 12, 2024

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Forthcoming Thematic Issues

New Development in Cancer Control and Therapy: Role of Medical Food Factor and Its Related Compounds

Guest Editor(s): Masayoshi Yamaguchi

November 2023

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Advances in Cancer Biomarkers and Potential Drug Targets: From Diagnosis to Therapy

Guest Editor(s): Hongda Liu

Co-Guest Editor(s): Leyi Wei, Zhenyu Song

December 2023

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Network Integration of Multi-omics Data to Screen Novel Cancer Prognostic Biomarkers and Drug Targets

Guest Editor(s): Feng Gao

Co-Guest Editor(s): Wei Wang

March 2024

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Novel Strategies to Target Cell Death Signaling in Cancer

Guest Editor(s): Yutian Zou

Co-Guest Editor(s): Xinpei Deng

July 2023

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Cell Death Related Biomarker in Cancer Based on Multi-omics

Guest Editor(s): Mingjun Zheng

Jan 2024

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Molecular Biomarkers for Cancer Control - Part-2

Guest Editor(s): Huashan Shi

Co-Guest Editor(s): Ting Yu, Xuyu Gu

December 2023

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Omics-Based Molecular Target and Cancer Biomarker Discovery

Guest Editor(s): Feng Jiang, Fu Wang

December 2023

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Natural Products-based Drug Discovery Using Informatics and Computational Methods

Guest Editor(s): Jincheng Wang, Chunjie Jiang

August 2023

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Biomarkers, Resistance Mechanisms, and Potential Targets for Cancer Therapy

Guest Editor(s): Hao Zhang, Quan Cheng, Nan Zhang

Nov 2023

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Molecular Biomarkers for Cancer Control

Guest Editor(s): Huashan Shi

Co-Guest Editor(s): Xuyu Gu, Ting Yu

March 2023

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The Role of Autophagy in Cancer

Guest Editor(s): Stamatios Theocharis, Dimitris Goutas

December 2022

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Radiotherapy and Systemic Therapies: Interactions, Timing, and Safety

Guest Editor(s): Valerio Nardone, Isacco Desideri

January 2023

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Targeting Receptor Tyrosine Kinases (RTKs) using Novel Cancer Therapeutics

Guest Editor(s): Abdulhameed (Abdul) Al-Ghabkari, Hellen Kusane

August 2022

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Cancer Exosomes – Prognostic Significance and their Utilization as Novel Drug Delivery System for Circumvention of Cancer Drug Resistance

Guest Editor(s): Kenneth Kin Wah To

September 2022

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