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Recent Patents on Engineering

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Volume 18 , Issues 9, 2024

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Forthcoming Thematic Issues

RPENG-SII20230802-01 Advanced Materials for Energy Production, Transmission, and Utilization Anish Mariadhas March 2024 RPENG-SII20230802-01.pdf RPENG-SII20221220-01 Innovative Methodologies to Reduce Energy Consumption in Buildings Roberto Alonso González Lezcano November 2023 RPENG-SII20221220-01.pdf RPENG-SII20220919-01 An Approach of Artificial Intelligence in Multidisciplinary Engineering Applications Amar Patnaik Ankush Sharma Vikas Kukshal Pankaj Agarwal March 2023 RPENG-SII20220919-01.pdf RPENG-SII20220804-01 Recent Advances in the Internet of Medical Things Shitharth Gautam Srivastava April 2023 RPENG-SII20220804-01.pdf RPENG-SII20220720-01 Sustainability Assessment and Improvement in Manufacturing Industries through Digital Technology Powered Operational Practices Kamalakanta Muduli February 2023 RPENG-SII20220720-01.pdf RPENG-SII20220513-01 Use of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain for Cyber Security based Applications Mamoon Rashid Saqib Hakak Vishal Goyal August 2022 RPENG-SII20220513-01.pdf RPENG-SII20201124-01 Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) Technologies for Society 5.0 Vikram Bali Deepti Aggarwal March 2022 RPENG-SII20201124-01.pdf RPENG-SII20200928-01 Intelligent Feature Learning Methods for Mechanical Fault Diagnosis Changqing Shen February 2022 RPENG-SII20200928-01.pdf RPENG-SII20200821-01 Recent Progress of Reinforcement Materials Dipen Kumar Rajak December 2020 RPENG-SII20200821-01.pdf RPENG-SII20200604-01 Intelligent Computing in Multidisciplinary Engineering Applications Vikrant Bhateja Yu-Dong Zhang Suresh C. Satapathy December 2020 RPENG-SII20200604-01.pdf RPENG-SII20190617-01 Cutting Edge Researches on Reliability Evaluation and Risk Management Rui PENG March 2021 RPENG-SII20190617-01.pdf RPENG-SII20170316-01 Advanced Method in Hybrid Information Processing Shuai Liu December 2019 RPENG-SII20180614-03.pdf 11 01 2017 150319 RPENG-SII20160620-01 New approaches in simulation in Engeneering Marina Semenenko December 2016 RPENG-SII20160620-01.pdf RPENG-SII20130925-03 Investigating the use of renewable fuels for internal combustion engines Dr Amr Ibrahim June 2014 RPENG-SII20130925-03.pdf RPENG-SII20130925-02 New materials Dr Ali Reza Kamali Professor Shuqiang Jiao April 2014 RPENG-SII20130925-02.pdf RPENG-SII20130925-01 Prediction the Fluid Flow in Porous Media-Modeling Yuan Gao August 2013 RPENG-SII20130925-01.pdf
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