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Bentham Science Records a Notable Rise in 2022 Cite Scores Across Its Publishing Portfolio PRESS RELEASE DATE : 11-July-2023

The journals of Bentham Science Publishers have recorded a considerable increase in Cite Scores for the year 2022. The data reveals that 105 hybrid journals and 29 open access journals have recorded noteworthy Cite Scores.

The Cite Score, assigned by SCOPUS, is a significant metric reflecting the average citations received per document published in a journal over a three-year period. The scores secured by Bentham Science's journals illustrate their prominence and influence in the broader scientific research community.

For instance, Current Neuropharmacology, a Bentham Science Publication, recorded a Cite Score of 9.4. This score indicates the journal's role in disseminating quality research in neuropharmacology, reinforcing its position as a key resource for researchers and practitioners.

Similarly, Current Medicinal Chemistry recorded a Cite Score of 8.7. This score reflects the journal's comprehensive coverage of novel research in medicinal chemistry, highlighting its importance for those involved in drug discovery and development.

'Current Vascular Pharmacology,' another journal published by Bentham Science, has received a Cite Score of 8.1, reaffirming its status as a leading journal in vascular pharmacology. Other journals like 'Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry' (7.1), 'Current Gene Therapy' (6.9), and 'Current Bioinformatics' (6.7) have also made significant contributions to their respective fields, as indicated by their respective Cite Scores.

Bentham Science congratulates all authors, editorial board members and staff for their contributions towards this achievement.

About Bentham Science

Bentham Science's diverse collection of journals covers a wide range of research areas, including molecular medicine, organic chemistry, nanotechnology, and clinical pharmacology. The consistent Cite Scores across these disciplines underscore the impact of the research published in Bentham Science journals. The Publisher continues its commitment to the dissemination of cutting-edge scientific research and fostering collaborations among researchers worldwide.

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About Cite Score 

Cite Score is a metric developed by Scopus, the world's largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature. It provides a comprehensive and current view of a journal's impact, enabling researchers to compare journals within their respective fields.

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