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Bentham Science Joins United2Act PRESS RELEASE DATE : 17-April-2024

Bentham Science Publishers is now a signatory organization of United2Act's consensus statement on paper mills.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of research integrity in academic and scientific publishing. Part of the effort to uphold integrity in scientific publishing includes preventing publication from fraudulent 'paper mills' which negatively impact the credibility of research. We fully support the COPE position statement on this critical issue.

The intrusion of fraudulent papers into the publication record not only undermines public trust in research but also poses significant risks to public health and the sanctity of the scientific process. The role of paper mills in generating false or manipulated data and articles is a matter of grave concern for the entire academic community.

By signing the United2Act consensus statement on action against paper mills, we join hands with COPE and other publishers in a unified stance against this threat. We recognize the urgency of this situation and commit to actively engaging in the collective effort to combat these unethical practices. Our participation in this initiative also aligns with our ongoing endeavors to foster transparency, responsibility, and ethical standards in research publishing.

We believe that through collaborative and concerted action we can safeguard the integrity of scholarly publishing and ensure the veracity of academic research. Bentham Science Publishers looks forward to being involved in the conversation guided by Unidted2Act, and encourages collective action that makes research reliable.

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