Advances in Organic Synthesis

Volume: 16

Amino Acid-derived Ionic Liquids: Novel Biodegradable Catalytic Systems for Green Synthesis of Heterocycles

Author(s): Kobra Nikoofar* and Fatemeh Molaei Yielzoleh

Pp: 306-356 (51)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815039269122160009

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


The Amino Acid-derived Ionic Liquids (AAILs), as green biodegradable
catalysts, gained special attention in recent years due to their alignment with green
chemistry's important rules. They could be prepared via easy techniques. Ohno and coworkers
synthesized amino acid-derived ILs for the first time. AAILs could play
multiple roles as solvents and/or excellent promoters with high catalytic activity and
also as chiral additives. The special advantages of AAILs usage are i) elevation of the
product yields, ii) excellent chemo and/or stereo-selectivity, iii) short reaction times, iv)
simple work-up procedures, v) diminishing or prevention of by-products formation, vi)
mild reaction conditions, and vii) recoverability and reusability within several cycles
without noticeable activity loss. The synthesis of pharmaceutically-active heterocycles
is interesting in organic chemistry and medicinal fields. The multi-activity
characteristics of AAILs make them interesting candidates for promoting different
classes of MCRs to prepare heterocyclic compounds.
In the book chapter, the applications of various AAILs (alone or as a part of core-shell
structures) will be discussed for the synthesis of heterocycles with a glance at nano and
green chemistry. The content of the chapter has been divided into two main parts,
which are a) the applications of AAILs as catalysts and/or solvents in the synthesis of
heterocycles, and b) employing the bionanocomposites that included AAILs as
catalysts in the synthesis of heterocycles. According to the reports, they played a key
role in obtaining different libraries of heterocycles, which could potentially be active

Keywords: Amino Acids (AAs), Amino Acid-Derived Ionic Liquids (AAILs), Catalyst, Chiral Ionic Liquids (CILs), Ionic Liquids (ILs).

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