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Current Frontiers

The Tetrahydroisoquinoline Scaffold in ABC Transporter Inhibitors that Act as Multidrug Resistance (MDR) Reversers

Journal: Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 22 Issue: 31 Year: 2022 Page: 2535-2569
Author(s): Maria Novella Romanelli

Research Article

Organic Cation Transporters are Involved in Fluoxetine Transport Acrossthe Blood-Brain Barrier In Vivo and In Vitro.

Journal: Current Drug Delivery
Volume: 19 Issue: 4 Year: 2022 Page: 508-517
Author(s): Yang Wei,Hai An,Dake Qi,Shanshan Chen,Zhisheng He,Bingying Hu,Yingying Sun,Min Wang

Research Article

Practical Application of Rodent Transporter Knockout Models to Assess Brain Penetration in Drug Discovery

Journal: Drug Metabolism and Bioanalysis Letters
Volume: 15 Issue: 0 Year: 2022 Page: 1-10

Review Article

Role of ATP-binding Cassette Transporters in Sorafenib Therapy for HepatocellularCarcinoma: An Overview

Journal: Current Drug Targets
Volume: 23 Issue: 1 Year: 2022 Page: 21-32
Author(s): Maria Manuela Estevinho,Carlos Fernandes,João Carlos Silva,Ana Catarina Gomes,Edgar Afecto,João Correia,João Carvalho

Research Article

Evaluation of the Effect of Isobutyl Paraben and 2-ethyl Hexyl Paraben onP-glycoprotein Functional Expression in Rats: A Pharmacokinetic Study

Journal: Current Molecular Pharmacology
Volume: 15 Issue: 7 Year: 2022 Page: 987-995
Author(s): Osama Y. Alshogran,Nour F. Al Ghraiybah

Review Article

A State-of-the-art Review and Prospective Therapeutic Applicationsof Prenyl Flavonoids as Chemosensitizers Against Antifungal MultidrugResistance in Candida albicans

Journal: Current Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 29 Issue: 2 Year: 2022 Page: 4251-4281
Author(s): María Daniela Santi,María Gabriela Ortega,Mariana Andrea Peralta

Review Article

The Importance of Tissue Sanctuaries and Cellular Reservoirs of HIV-1

Journal: Current HIV Research
Volume: 20 Issue: 2 Year: 2022 Page: 102-110
Author(s): Theodore James Cory

Review Article

Medicinal Chemistry of Inhibitors Targeting Resistant Bacteria

Journal: Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
Volume: 22 Issue: 24 Year: 2022 Page: 1983-2028
Author(s): Kadja Luana Chagas Monteiro,Osmar Nascimento Silva,Igor José dos Santos Nascimento,Francisco Jaime Bezerra Mendonça Júnior,Pedro Gregório Vieira Aquino,Edeildo Ferreira da Silva-Júnior

Metallophiles and Heavy Metal Bioremediation

Ebook: Extremophiles: Diversity, Adaptation and Applications

Volume: 1 Year: 2022
Doi: 10.2174/9789815080353122010014
Review Article

miRNAs as Modulators of Cholesterol in Breast Cancer Stem Cells: AnApproach to Overcome Drug Resistance in Cancer

Journal: Current Drug Targets
Volume: 23 Issue: 6 Year: 2022 Page: 656-677
Author(s): Bernice Monchusi,Mandeep Kaur

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