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The Possible Involvement of HLA Class III Haplotype (RAGE, HSP70 and TNF Genes) in Alzheimer's Disease

Journal: Current Alzheimer Research
Volume: 12 Issue: 1 Year: 2015 Page: 997-1005
Author(s): Chiara Boiocchi, Elisa Maggioli, Maria Cristina Monti, Michele Zorzetto, Elena Sinforiani, Cristina Cereda, Giovanni Ricevuti, Mariaclara Cuccia

Identification of Novel Quantitative Traits-Associated Susceptibility Loci for APOE ε 4 Non-Carriers of Alzheimer’s Disease

Journal: Current Alzheimer Research
Volume: 12 Issue: 3 Year: 2015 Page: 218-227
Author(s): Shan Jiang,Wanling Yang,Yu Qiu,Hong-Zhuan Chen,for the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI)

Research Article

MASS KIR Analyzer: An In Silico Approach for Analyzing the Killer Immunoglobulin Receptor Gene Content and its Diversity

Journal: Current Bioinformatics
Volume: 10 Issue: 3 Year: 2015 Page: 292-298
Author(s): Manmohan Pandey,Aditya Narayan Sarangi,Swayam Prakash,Suraksha Agrawal

Screening of Early and Late Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Genetic Risk Factors in a Cohort of Dementia Patients from Liguria, Italy

Journal: Current Alzheimer Research
Volume: 12 Issue: 8 Year: 2015 Page: 802-812
Author(s): Raffaele Ferrari,Michela Ferrara,Anwar Alinani,Roger Brian Sutton,Francesco Famà,Agnese Picco,Guido Rodriguez,Flavio Nobili,Parastoo Momeni

Low-Dose Aspirin-Associated Upper and Mid Gastrointestinal Tract Damage and Gene Polymorphism

Journal: Current Pharmaceutical Design
Volume: 21 Issue: 35 Year: 2015 Page: 5066-5072
Author(s): Akiko Shiotani,Yoshihiko Fujita,Kazuto Nishio

Thromboxane A2 Receptor Polymorphism in Association with Cerebral Infarction and its Regulation on Platelet Function

Journal: Current Neurovascular Research
Volume: 12 Issue: 1 Year: 2015 Page: 15-24
Author(s): Jiaxiang Shao, Yi Fu, Wanlin Yang, Jing Yan, Jing Zhao, Shengdi Chen, Weiliang Xia

The Role of hsa-miR-548l Dysregulation as a Putative Modifier Factor for Glaucoma-Associated FOXC1 Mutations

Journal: MicroRNA
Volume: 4 Issue: 1 Year: 2015 Page: 50-56
Author(s): Cristina Medina-Trillo,José-Daniel Aroca-Aguilar,Jesús-José Ferre-Fernández,Carmen-Dora Méndez-Hernández,Laura Morales,Julián García-Feijoo,Julio Escribano

Detecting the Genomic Signature of Divergent Selection in Presence of Gene Flow

Journal: Current Genomics
Volume: 16 Issue: 3 Year: 2015 Page: 203-212
Author(s): M. J. Rivas,S. Dominguez-Garcia,A. Carvajal-Rodriguez

Susceptibility Risk Alleles of -238G/A, -308G/A and -1031T/C Promoter Polymorphisms of TNF-α Gene to Uterine Leiomyomas

Journal: Recent Advances in DNA & Gene Sequences (Discontinued)
Volume: 9 Issue: 1 Year: 2015 Page: 65-71
Author(s): Veronica Medikare,Altaf Ali,Venkateshwari Ananthapur,Mamata Deendayal,Pratibha Nallari

Pharmacogenetic Polymorphisms in a Portuguese Gypsy Population

Journal: Current Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine
Volume: 13 Issue: 1 Year: 2015 Page: 36-40
Author(s): Joana Teixeira,Antonio Amorim,Maria J. Prata,Sofia Quental

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