Advanced Nanocatalysis for Organic Synthesis and Electroanalysis

Nanocatalytic Carbon-Carbon Coupling Reactions

Author(s): Prantika Bhattacharjee and Utpal Bora * .

Pp: 24-43 (20)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815040166122010004

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


This chapter provides a brief overview of the general aspects and recent
advances in the chemistry of carbon-carbon coupling reactions. Nanoclusters, their
synthesis, stability, and catalytic performance in various C-C bond formation reactions
are discussed. The interest in nanoparticles originates from the nanoscale size, shape,
and large surface area to volume ratio, imparting exceptional surface properties
compared to bulk catalysts. In recent years, many detailed investigations on
nanocatalytic carbon-carbon coupling reactions have been documented. We tried to
summarize some of the significant achievements in this flourishing field. Most of the
nanocatalysts outlined in this chapter allow convenient and green synthetic pathways
for the construction of carbon-carbon bonds.

Keywords: Bi-metallic, Bio-genic nanoparticles, Cross-coupling, Homocoupling, Multi-metallic, Nanocatalysis, Supported nanoparticles.

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