Recent Trends In Livestock Innovative Technologies

Monitoring Animal Behavior and Control Using Wireless Sensor Technologies

Author(s): Muhammad Hamid* and Hafiz Ishfaq Ahmad

Pp: 144-157 (14)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815165074123070013

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


The constantly rising need for dairy productivity farm automation is a key concern in today's world. A necessity for technology that would result in lower costs and labor inputs while increasing agricultural output exists, and cattle health monitoring should be given top attention to achieve this requirement. Remote monitoring of animal behavior in the environment can aid in managing both the animal and the animal's influence on the environment. Geographical positioning systems (GPS) collars that record animal whereabouts with high temporal frequency enable researchers to study animal behaviour and environmental interactions. This paper has discussed how to track and control animals using wireless detector strategies. For a long time, the only mode to track wildlife was to objectively check and notice the program and habits of a beast and set a label on it, and optimism that eventually that same beast would be recalled. But that’s not sufficient to study the performance of animals. The study and nursing of animals have always been a subject of great curiosity, but studying the behavior of animals is a tough task due to the problems of shadowing and classifying their action. Currently, technology allows designing WSN, making these tasks easier to carry out. Studying the conditioning of wild animals is grueling due to the difficulties of shadowing and classifying their conduct. In this work, we have discussed the behavioral and hierarchical wireless detector network mounted in the demesne to collect information about beast behavior using a device enforced on them. Tracking is one of the most effective ways; with minimum trouble and lower charges, we get a detailed position or movements of similar animals through GPS on a daily basis through computer data.

Keywords: Animal, GPS, Livestock, Sensor technology, Tracking.

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