Brain Tumor Targeting Drug Delivery Systems: Advanced Nanoscience for Theranostics Applications

Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain: Pathophysiology of Brain Tumor

Author(s): Amitha Muraleedharan* and Nikhil Ponnoor Anto

Pp: 1-33 (33)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815079722123010003

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The brain is an efficient processor of information. It is the most complex and sensitive organ in the body and is responsible for all functions of the body, including serving as the coordinating center for all sensations, mobility, emotions, and intellect. The magnitude of its myriad function is often realized usually when there is a disruption of the nervous system due to injury, disease, or inherited predispositions. Neuroscience is the field of study that endeavors to make sense of such diverse questions; at the same time, it points the way toward the effective treatment of dysfunctions. The two-way channel of information: findings from the laboratory leading towards stricter criteria for diagnosing brain disorders and more effective methods for treating them and in turn, the clinician's increasingly acute skills of diagnosis and observation that supply the research scientist with more precise data for study in the lab diligently expands the field of neuroscience. Tumors of the brain produce neurological manifestations through several mechanisms. Stronger hypotheses about the mechanism of a disease can point the way toward more effective treatments and new possibilities for a cure. In highly complex disorders of the brain, in which many factors genetic, environmental, epidemiological, even social and psychological—play a part, broadly based hypotheses are exceedingly useful. With the advancements in technology and a better understanding of brain anatomy and physiology, the quest to discover an efficient cure for life-threatening tumors of the brain is underway.

Keywords: Blood brain barrier, Brain, Brain tumor, Glia, Nervous system, Neuron, Synapse.

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