Intelligent Systems for IoE Based Smart Cities

Smart Sensors and Actuators for Internet of Everything Based Smart Cities: Application, Challenges, Opportunities, and Future Trends

Author(s): Tarana Singh*, Arun Solanki, Sanjay Kumar Sharma and Hanaa Hachimi

Pp: 61-80 (20)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815124965123010006

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Cities across the globe are installing sensors, actuators and other devices, to become safer, greener, sustainable, and efficient with the hope of improving the urban interests of people. Sensing and collection of records are at the heart of any smart infrastructure, which can display itself and act on its own intelligently. Using sensors to screen public infrastructures, including bridges, roads, and homes, presents cognizance that enables more efficient use of resources based on the facts amassed by those sensors. As smart sensors, actuators, etc., play a critical role in the smart infrastructure, this chapter explores the smart sensors and actuators in IoT-enabled smart cities. As the domain of smart cities is emerging in the present days with a huge number of research opportunities for the researchers, also data collection and sensing play their role at the heart of the infrastructure. This chapter will critically explore the role and importance of Smart sensors and actuators and their applications, challenges, and opportunities, followed by various future trends in the domain of the smart city.

Keywords: Actuators, Artificial intelligence, Big data, Internet of everything, Internet of things, Machine learning, Sensors, Smart city, Sensing.

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