Intelligent Systems for IoE Based Smart Cities

IoE in Smart Cities: Applications, Enabling Technologies, Challenges, and Future Trends

Author(s): Ankit Garg*, Amit Wadha and Jafar A. Alzubi

Pp: 81-119 (39)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815124965123010007

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The innovative concept of smart cities drives economic growth and provides a standard of life through better services to the citizens. The incorporation of advanced technologies in smart cities projects smart outcomes that can be provided to the citizens. In the growth of smart cities, various public sectors, such as education, health care, and communication are adopting recent technologies such as IoE, Cloud/Fog computing, and Big data. These existing technologies integrate various IoE-based networks to manage various activities of smart cities. Many smart city projects are being implemented in different countries. Although various challenges are being faced, still, recent technologies are extensively being deployed in various projects of smart cities. To provide solutions to smart cities many standards have been implemented globally. These standards provide various solutions and concrete guidelines for the proper functioning of smart cities. The concept of smart cities is also facing some challenges in their planning, design, and implementation. Security and privacy of the IoE systems is one of the major challenges faced in the projects of smart cities. The main objectives of smart cities are to provide smart solutions to humans for their daily life problems and to create a sustainable environment. Researchers are developing various models of smart cities that can be implemented in real life to support the sustainable development of smart cities. This chapter explores numerous IoE applications which are also concerned with smart cities. The chapter discusses existing technologies that have a great contribution to the development of various prominent areas of smart cities. The chapter identifies and categorizes several challenges that are being faced by the stakeholders and officials in the construction of smart cities. At the end of the chapter, some research directions have also been discussed that can be helpful in the implementation of IoE-based applications and their deployment in smart cities.

Keywords: Big data, Cloud computing, Internet of everything (IoE), Information Communication and Technology (ICT), Machine learning, Smart cities.

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