Semi-rotary and Linear Actuators for Compressed Air Energy Storage and Energy Efficient Pneumatic Applications

Linear Pneumatic Cylinder Assembly with Reduced Air Consumption

Author(s): Alfred Rufer * .

Pp: 110-131 (22)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815179095123010007

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


The method of adding expansion work to pneumatic actuators is studied for classical linear cylinders. The operating principle of new cylinder assemblies is presented. A first simulation set illustrates the performance of the new assembly and tries to define the parameters of a single cylinder which produces the same mechanical performance. Acceleration, speed and reached position within a given time are the conditions for the comparison. Then, the air consumption of both compared systems is calculated. With an experimental set-up, a parasitic effect is observed, which consists of a pre-expansion transient due to parasitic dead volumes related to the tubing and internal volumes of the valves. A second assembly is realized with larger volumetry in order to observe the dependency of the parasitic effect from the size of the cylinders. For the control, a system with simpler control valves is also studied. 

Keywords: Adiabatic expansion, Cylinder assemblies, Dead volumes, Energetic performance, Energy efficiency, Expansion work, Linear cylinders.

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